Before I get into my Chipotle cauliflower rice review, I have to say that I have been waiting for Chipotle, who rolled out a keto bowl last year, to make a low carb version of their famous cilantro-lime rice – and that day has finally arrived! While I have been enjoying Chipotle consistently while on keto (I detail all kinds of ways to keep it keto at Chipotle and other popular restaurants in my Dining Out Guide), their rice is just so tasty, I was hoping they’d offer a cauliflower rice version.

I finally got to try the rice last night for dinner – so here’s my Chipotle Cauliflower Rice Review: It is BOMB. The rice on it’s own is perfectly charred with the hints of lime and cilantro — just like their traditional rice. I have been getting bowls with lettuce as the base, however the new cilantro-lime cauliflower rice made a huge difference – both on taste and filled me up quickly. I could only finish half of my bowl for dinner – and am looking forward to the leftovers for lunch!

Here’s what I ordered last night:

Burrito Bowl with Steak and Cauliflower Rice: I added on fajita veggies, guacamole (of course), the spicy salsa, sour cream and cheese. It was DELICIOUS. The portion of cauliflower rice seemed less than what the put in the bowls with classic rice, but it was filling so any more probably would have been too much. This whole bowl comes out to around 16g of net carbs, however as I mentioned above, I could only eat half which is perfect for my daily net carb goal of under 25g. The cheese, sour cream, guacamole and salsa all add to the carb count (see below), so you can omit toppings as needed to stay in your zone.

This will likely be my go to order, but here’s more of how to enjoy Chipotle while sticking to a low carb / keto lifestyle:

Keto Salad Bowl: Chipotle offers a Keto Salad Bowl on their online menu which you can easily order in the restaurant as well.The Keto Salad Bowl includes: carnitas (shredded pork), romaine lettuce, cheese, guacamole, and tomatillo red-chile salsa. I usually add on sour cream, because I love it!

Ordering Keto at Chipotle

Here are the net carbohydrate counts for the keto-friendly options on Chipotle’s menu:

  • Cilantro-Lime Cauliflower Rice: rice cauliflower saut?ed and lightly charred with lime juice and chopped cilantro, 4 grams net carbs
  • Barbacoa: tender beef, braised and shredded, 1 gram net carbs
  • Carnitas: seasoned, braised, shredded pork, 0 grams net carbs
  • Chicken: marinated in a chipotle adobo sauce, and grilled, 0 grams net carbs
  • Steak: beef grilled to a nice char on the outside and medium-rare inside, 0 grams net carbs
  • Fajita veggies: 4 g net carbs
  • Guacamole: 2 g net carbs
  • Monterey Jack Cheese: 1 g net carbs
  • Queso: 3.5 g net carbs
  • Romaine lettuce: 0 g net carbs
  • Sour cream: 2 g net carbs
  • Fresh tomato salsa: 3 g net carbs
  • Tomatillo green-chile salsa: 4 g net carbs
  • Tomatillo red-chile salsa: 3 g net carbs
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