In the endless quest for low-carb alternatives that don’t compromise on taste or texture, Aunt Millie’s low carb English muffins, from their Live Carb Smart range, have emerged as a delightful revelation. They’ve found their way into many breakfast tables and with good reason. They’re not just another ‘healthier’ alternative; they genuinely impress in terms of taste and texture, a feat not many low-carb bread products can boast.


Low carb English Muffins and Cottage Cheese with chili crunch and honey AND with jam. Which one’s better? I used the Aunt Millie’s low carb english muffins (9g net carbs each) and they’re a winner! 🏆 #cottagecheese #easybreakfast #lowcarbbreakfast #highproteinbreakfast #englishmuffin #easyrecipe #keto

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Taking on the Trend: Cottage Cheese & English Muffin

Recently, there’s been a surge in the popularity of pairing English muffins with cottage cheese. It’s been splashed all over social media, and the combination, though seemingly simple, promises a delightful taste experience. Intrigued by this trend and armed with Aunt Millie’s low carb English muffins, I decided to jump aboard the bandwagon and see if it lives up to the hype.

I decided to top the muffins with a generous spread of Good Culture‘s double cream cottage cheese – a personal favorite due to its rich creaminess. Taking inspiration from diverse recommendations, I went with two different toppings:

  1. Momofuku Chili Crunch & Choc Zero Keto Honey: The first bite of this combination was a revelation. The chili crunch added a kick that contrasted perfectly with the sweetness of the honey. The creamy texture of the cottage cheese brought everything together seamlessly. This combo is an explosion of flavors, and I can’t recommend it enough.
  2. Choc Zero Raspberry Jam: Opting for a classic pairing for the second half, I spread some raspberry jam over the cottage cheese. The fruitiness of the jam complemented the creaminess of the cheese, making for a delightful bite. While absolutely delicious, if I had to choose, the chili crunch and honey pairing slightly edged this one out for me.

A Verdict on Aunt Millie’s Low Carb English Muffins

These English muffins truly stand out in the often disappointing world of low-carb bread products. They managed to hold their own, offering a pleasant texture and taste that doesn’t scream ‘low carb’. Paired with the toppings mentioned, they make for an incredibly satisfying high-protein, low-carb breakfast option. For those who typically skip breakfast, like myself, this could be the game-changer to make you reconsider.

Aunt Millie’s has crafted a winner with their low carb English muffins. They’re versatile enough to handle both sweet and savory toppings, and their quality stands out. If you’re on a low-carb journey and have been missing your bread products, give these a shot. They might just become your next breakfast staple.

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