I have talked about how much I love ChocZero and their keto-friendly syrups and chocolate squares, and they keep adding delicious products so I had to dedicate a post just in time for Halloween. Because seriously, they are saving me from falling off the keto wagon and into a pile of mini Milky Way and Twix bars. (On that note, I will be posting a low carb Twix recipe using their chocolate chips later this week – stay tuned!).

Beyond ChocZero’s chocolate chips and syrups (their sugar-free maple syrup is my favorite brand for pancakes and waffles), here are some of my favorite low carb chocolate treats from their collection that you can order for delivery before Halloween or if you’re like me, you can keep stocked in your kitchen for those chocolate fixes!

Solid Chocolate Pumpkins

We always have ChocZero’s chocolate squares on hand – for a quick chocolate fix or for baking, and for Halloween they have cute pumpkin shaped versions! I love that their individually wrapped and only 1g of net carbs each! ChocZero doesn’t use sugar alcohols in their products, which can cause stomach issues for some and often leave an aftertaste. All of their treats are sweetened with monkfruit!

Keto Nutella Dupe

ChocZero’s Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Spread is the PERFECT dupe for low carb Nutella. With only 1g of net carbs per 2 tablespoons, I literally can eat this on it’s own, or love it with strawberries or on a slice of keto bread.

Chocolate Coconut Dipped Almonds

We have a jar of these addictive little nuggets in our kitchen because everyone in my house loves them, and they’ve become a favorite when we have guests over. No one can tell that they are sugar free and they are the perfect sweet treat with a layer of coconut around the almond center and a milk chocolate coating. I love that they come wrapped in pairs of two and have only 3g of net carbs per serving – with one serving being about 1/3 of a bag so popping two of these has very little net carbs and is enough to satisfy any craving!

Peanut Butter Cups

Reese’s lovers: ChocZero’s Peanut Butter Cups, which come with milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate on the outside, are an EXACT DUPE as far as I’m concerned with only 2g of net carbs per cup! I love the milk chocolate and my sons prefer the white chocolate, so we also have a jar of these individually wrapped treats in our kitchen at all times too!

In addition to the above, we love ChocZero’s keto bark – with almonds, peanuts or hazelnuts. Their pecan bark was my 100% hands-down fave, however it has been out of stock for months.

ChocZero seems to add new products every month – and their baking chips – which come in milk, dark and white chocolate and also their peanut butter chips (perfect for peanut butter cookies!) are the gold standard for keto baking!

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