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Finding the perfect foundation routine as we age is like discovering a hidden treasure. Gone are the days of heavy, cakey makeup. Today, it’s all about achieving a natural, luminous glow that not only looks beautiful but nourishes the skin. And I’ve stumbled upon a foundation hack that does exactly that, courtesy of a tip I saw from makeup artist and TikTok sensation Erica Taylor. The secret? Mixing your foundation with GoPure Vitamin C Dry Oil.

Why Mix Foundation with Vitamin C Oil?

Vitamin C is a powerhouse ingredient for mature skin. It neutralizes free radicals, boosts collagen production, brightens the complexion, and helps fade dark spots and hyperpigmentation. Essentially, it’s an anti-aging miracle in a bottle. By mixing a couple of drops of this oil into your foundation, you’re transforming your makeup routine into a skincare ritual. The result is a light, glowy coverage that feels as good as it looks.

The Magic of GoPure Vitamin C Dry Oil

I’ve been a fan of GoPure’s Vitamin C Dry Oil for some time now, incorporating it into my nightly skincare routine. What sets it apart is its formulation with 30% THD Ascorbate Vitamin C and moisturizing Squalane. This combination penetrates the skin deeply, offering maximum brightening and hydrating benefits without leaving a greasy residue. Its “dry-touch” feel is ideal for those wary of adding oil to their foundation, fearing it might result in an oily complexion.

The Foundation Hack in Action

The process is simple: just add a few drops of GoPure Vitamin C Dry Oil to your foundation—like the Dior Forever Natural Nude I used—and mix. Applying it to the skin, you’ll notice how flawlessly it melds, creating a sheer, glowy finish that enhances rather than masks your natural beauty. Even with a heavier foundation, this method delivers a beautiful, light coverage that’s nourishing and hydrating.

Beyond Coverage: Skincare Benefits

This hack isn’t just about achieving the perfect makeup look. It’s a testament to the philosophy of makeup as an extension of skincare. The GoPure Vitamin C Dry Oil is not only affordable but also a high-quality serum that works wonders in combating the signs of aging. It’s a multi-tasking miracle, acting as a spot treatment, all-over face oil, and now, a makeup enhancer.

In the quest for makeup that serves our skin’s needs, blending GoPure Vitamin C Dry Oil with foundation is a game-changer. This hack promises a radiant, healthy glow while providing the anti-aging benefits of vitamin C. It’s perfect for those of us looking for makeup that does more than just cover up but improves our skin over time. For natural, glowy skin that feels as youthful as it looks, give this foundation hack a try. You might just find it becomes a staple in your beauty routine, as it has in mine.

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