We have always eaten a lot of salmon in our household – at least a few times a month, baked teriyaki salmon with broccoli or asparagus has been a family favorite. So of course, that was one of the first recipes I had to convert into keto friendly – and thanks to so many keto hacks and substitutes available, these keto salmon recipes are low carb and delicious.

I usually get salmon in my monthly Butcher Box subscription – I know it’s high quality salmon and I can store it in the freezer without worry about fresh salmon in the fridge going bad.

Salmon is a keto superfood – rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and quite versatile to cook with, Salmon is a great source of good protein as well. Like eggs, salmon is loaded with B Vitamins and Selenium and aids weight control and reduces the risks of heart disease. While many tout the importance of eating wild caught salmon vs. farm raised and with some good reasoning, adding fresh salmon to your diet is beneficial from any reputable source.

Six Easy, Keto Salmon Recipes

Low Carb Salmon Benedict with Hollandaise Sauce

I love eggs benedict – and it's easy to make either with 90-second keto bread or an avocado base for keto eggs benedict. This salmon benedict with hollandaise sauce is a great way to start a day — I like making them on Sunday mornings but sometimes, if my morning allows, I'll whip it up before work.

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Cilantro-Lime Salmon with Wasabi Cream Sauce

I'll usually make a double portion of this salmon recipe and save half for lunch or dinner later in the week. You can find wasabi paste in most supermarkets – adjust based on your taste…a little of this paste goes a long way!

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Creamy Dijon Baked Salmon

The creamy sauce on this has a little tang thanks to the sour cream (no lowfat please – use full fat sour cream) and mustard. This baked keto salmon recipe is easy to pop in the oven and cook up – no laborious preparation here! Feel free to experiment with other condiments in the sauce – I sometimes substitute either a Thai Chili Paste or Sriracha for the mustard to mix it up!

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Low Carb Teriyaki Salmon Recipe

This low carb teriyaki grilled salmon recipe uses a few keto hacks to keep the carb count low but the flavor to the max.

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Keto Salmon Patties

This keto salmon recipe is easy to prepare and serve over lettuce or keto cole slaw with fresh lemon wedges. I'll sometimes also make a spicy mayo – a mixture of my favorite avocado oil-based mayonnaise and sriracha (or my new favorite hot sauce, Truff) to top the keto salmon patties with and wrap them in a lettuce wrap. Delicious!

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Garlic Butter Salmon – Low Carb & Keto

This garlic butter recipe is one I use in all sorts of dishes – it's my secret ingredient for my keto garlic butter salmon recipe which everyone asks for how to make it all the time – but also is divine on chicken breast, vegetables and on baked cauliflower.

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