Are you a smoothie person? I know some people who have a smoothie every day – it’s a part of their routine like my morning coffee. While I’m not a devout smoothie drinker, every now and then, especially if I’m on the go and won’t have time for a proper meal, I’ll whip up keto smoothies – usually with a scoop of my favorite keto protein powder: Isopure Zero Carb. They have a variety of incredible flavors – I stick with their vanilla which is versatile and works with most of my keto smoothie recipes.

Green smoothies with kale and spinach are honestly my favorite because I know how good they are for me — but I know the thought of kale in a smoothie makes many people gag just thinking about it…I have a few tricks that I learned from making my sons green smoothies when they were young that I still employ to make my keto smoothie recipes delicious, filling and power packed with nutrients.

While I often just look at what I have in the fridge or on the shelf to whip up a smoothie, there are a few key ingredients I almost always include in my low carb smoothies:

  1. Isopure Zero Carb Protein Powder – 25g of protein and zero carbs in each delicious scoop!
  2. Collagen Peptides – for gut health and anti-aging benefits
  3. Chia Seeds – for fiber and omega-3s
  4. Maca Powder – for natural energy and hormonal support
  5. MCT or Brain Octane Oil – for healthy fat and sustained energy

My favorite Keto Smoothie Recipes

Anti-Aging Vanilla Kale Keto Smoothie

Keto Smoothie Recipe

This one is my go-to, regular smoothie because it packs so much power into a glass. The trick is to really blend it well with the water — like for 2 – 3 minutes — to make sure all the kale is pulverized and you end up with a tasty, refreshing keto green smoothie.


Keto Strawberry Almond Butter Smoothie

keto strawberry almond butter smoothie

While bananas are typically a smoothie must-have ingredient, when on keto,?bananas are pretty much a no-no. While most traditional smoothie recipes are heavy in carbs because of fruit and milk, there are simple hacks to create low carb smoothies that are delicious, nutritious and filling. In this Keto Strawberry Almond Butter Smoothie, we employ my favorite keto hacks for a low carb treat!


Keto Berry Blast Smoothie

keto berry smoothie

Frozen berries have a permanent home in my freezer. Whether it’s from Costco or the Whole Foods brand which is affordable, they come in handy for all sorts of treats and because berries are low on the glycemic index and keto-approved AND high in fiber, it’s no wonder they are also make regular appearances in smoothies.


Cinnamon Almond Butter Smoothie

keto almond butter smoothie

If your love chai tea or are more of a nut butter fan vs berries, this is the keto smoothie recipe for you! With delicious almond butter, warm cinnamon spices and a touch of vanilla, this is one of those smoothies you will crave!


Sneaky Green Keto Chocolate Smoothie

keto chocolate smoothie

Whether for you or your kids, my Sneaky Green Keto Chocolate Smoothie has a secret power ingredient – spinach! – that is undetectable in this rich, chocolatey low carb smoothie. Cacao powder has loads of benefits, and my favorite brand of cacao (which I also use in my super delicious Chocolate Nut Butter Fat Bombs) recently released a keto cacao powder with reduced carbs and healthy fats, making it perfect for chocolate smoothies!


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